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HomeUncategorizedGetting Your Home Ready for Spring
Home Getting Your Home Ready for Spring
Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

With Winter dragging on, sometimes it feels like Spring will never get here. Since there is still time between now and warmer weather – and Spring showers, here are some things to plan to do beforehand. Get it done as early as possible so you can make the most of nice weather!

Fix outdoor areas. Does your deck need some love? Is the walkway or garden looking like it could use some TLC? Fill in cracks, fix loose bricks, and tighten up porch railings. The sooner it’s off your plate, the more time you’ll be able to spend enjoying your outdoor space. Don’t forget to clean the grill!

Spruce things up. Polish hinges and light fixtures, repaint your front door. Use a power washer to clean things up. Clean your outdoor furniture, and repaint it if necessary. Clean your windows inside and out (and wash your curtains while you’re at it!).

Clear out your gutters. Don’t wait until the first rain to make sure the water has somewhere to go. Put some gloves on, and go to town! Go above and beyond just clearing out the parts that are parallel to the ground. If you can remove the curved elbow-shaped parts, take them off, and clear them out, too. Use a hose to clear out any remaining nastiness. Check to make sure that the water is sent at least 5 feet away from your foundation.

Indoor cleaning. This may be what you think of as “Spring Cleaning.” Some things you may not think to clean: take outlet covers off, and wash them. Make sure they’re 110% dry before putting them back! Scrub baseboards and walls (with a mild soap and water). Replace filters in your range hood, air vents, and water system – this should be done 2-4 times per year. Clean out your dryer vent. Soak faucets and shower heads in a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture. Test all smoke detectors.

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