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Home One Space, Many Activities
One Space, Many Activities

The more thought you put into what you would like to see in your dream home, the higher the number of the rooms may get. Unfortunately budgets and lot sizes do not grow exponentially with our imaginations. Luckily there are ways that you can combine multiple purposes into one room! Think about the activities you and your family do the most. This will help you, and us, get an idea of what type of spaces would be most useful in your new home.

Check out some ideas below, and leave yours in the comments!

Laundry + Craft room

A long counter can serve double duty for more than just folding and organizing clothes! Whether it’s at standing height, or involves a lower desk-like area for you to take a seat, it is also a great crafting space. Imagine cupboards and closets filled not only with laundry detergents, but with art supplies, cleaning supplies, and more! Dangerous items can be put on high shelves away from children, or even into locked cabinets.

Office or Playroom + Guest room

If you don’t have guests often, chances are your guest room doesn’t see much traffic. Why have an underused room? If you do have guests, you’ll be with them, and not working in the office, anyhow! Win-win! If you have a home office, chances are it’s a relaxing, inspirational space to help motivate your work. Add in a bed that can be hidden when not in use, and voila – secondary space! If you’re able to temporarily relocate or pack away the kid’s toys, a playroom is another secondary use for the guest room.


Transform bay windows into seating, a guest bed, or even toy boxes. The area beneath the stairs can be a closet, a pet’s secluded den, or a child’s play area. Basements and attics can be great out-of-the-way storage areas – they don’t have to be scary! Climate control elements can be added, or they can be finished – whatever fits your needs.

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